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Saints Row 2
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Saints Row 2
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Saints Row 2 - game developed by Volition studio and THQ in the action genre with elements of racing and arcade. It was released in 2008, as the continuation of game Saints Row, 2006. The game has a varied soundtrack that includes songs of Paramore, Young Jeezy, and many others.
The action takes place in the fictional town named Stillwater. The protagonist escapes from prison and pulls out of the courtroom his team-mate Johnny Geta, whom they ride into town and decide to rebuild their gang of Saints from 3-rd Street. They capture refuge in the slums for their gang. Then the main character finds the gang for three gangsters, each of which sends to another gangs for checking, and he goes to the Stillwater mine, to make their territory Saints, by intimidating the homeless which have occupied the cave. Next player will choose which gang he want to begin a war, and the story will accordingly evolve. There are four gangs:
Children Samedi - gang called
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